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General terms & conditions

Any warranties your product may have are warranties offered by the manufacturer and not AME.

Limits of liability: Customer agrees to be solely responsible for all damage and liability arising out of use of the equipment. AME's liability shall in no event exceed the purchase price or rental amount paid for the individual piece of equipment.

- Sales receipt and original packaging is required for ALL returns.
- 15% restocking fee applies to all returns (or those items that are rentable are subject to be charged the monthly rental rate). AME does not prorate any rentals.
- DUE TO SANITARY REASONS, SOFT MATERIAL GOODS (such as lift chairs, braces, cushions, socks, etc.), CLOTHING, SPECIAL ORDERS (items that had to be ordered from the manufacturer that AME does not have in stock) or BATHROOM ITEMS are NOT returnable.
- Refunds will be issued in the original form of tender, except cash and check purchases which will be refunded via mail check.

PROVISIONS APPLICABLE TO RENTALS: I agree to pay AME personally for the amount listed above and, if applicable, the continued rental amount. I also understand that all rentals require my credit card to be kept on file in the event I fail to return the equipment and/or return the equipment with an open balance or in a damaged state. AME does not prorate rental rates. Customer agrees that the rental period RENEWS (new charges will be invoiced) on the same date the equipment was received of the following rental period. To prevent future charges, the Customer must bring back the item prior to the renewal date of the following period. If the rental renewal date falls on a Sunday, the item must be returned the prior Saturday to prevent any charges. Customer agrees to operate the equipment only in a reasonable manner consistent with the use for which the equipment was designed. CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE EQUIPMENT and shall be liable for all damages resulting from its misuse, loss, damage, or theft regardless of whether customer is at fault. The equipment shall be returned to AME in the same condition it was delivered, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Prior to leaving the store with the equipment, customer must notify AME's employees if they see any damage to the equipment. Customer will not be responsible for any damage noted by AME's employee on my rental agreement and signed by me for verification. If the equipment becomes inoperative or a defect is discovered, Customer shall return to AME immediately. Customer shall not attempt to make any repairs. Customer shall pay for misused, lost, damaged, or stolen equipment at the retail cost thereof. Title to rental equipment remains with AME as I understand this is not a rent-to-own, and Customer shall not remove or alter any identification on the equipment.

PROVISIONS APPLICABLE TO SPECIAL ORDERS: If requested, I agree to give a non-refundable deposit since the item is a Special Order and I acknowledge that the deposit I pay will be non-refundable. Futhermore, I agree to pay AME the remaining balance when I receive the item and/or prior to it being shipped directly to me, if applicable. Customer understands AME must order the item and cannot make any guarantee of the timeframe to receive such item. Any timeframe given by an employee of AME is only an estimate and customer acknowledges that AME will not refund any part of the deposit paid for any delay caused by other entities. Customer also acknowledges AME's return policy if they are not satisfied with the item ordered. If AME agrees to accept the return of such item, customer may be asked to pay additional fees.

I, the expressed owner and/or having the approval of the owner of the subject equipment, hereby authorize the repair work hereinafter set forth to be done along with the necessary material. I acknowledge this is an estimate and understand AME, Inc. will accept a verbal approval from me regarding any increase from the original estimated price. Any verbal authorization given over the phone by me will be binding. I understand that AME technicians have been trained to perform repair services. Further, I agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless AME from liability from claims or damages of any kind that may arise from any work performed unless it is caused by severe negligence of AME or its agent. I agree that AME is not responsible for loss or damage to my equipment left in case of fire, theft, or any other cause beyond your control or for any delays caused by an availability of parts or delays in parts shipments by the manufacturer. If a service fee is listed above at the time of estimate and I do no further repair work, I agree to pay the above estimated amount in order for AME to release the equipment back to me. Repaired and/or unauthorized unrepaired equipment must be picked up within 72 hours of AME’s call to me at the above listed phone number. I will be assessed a $5/day storage fee for failing to pickup within 72 hours. My equipment shall be considered abandoned after 60 days from the time AME placed the call to me to pickup my equipment and full title will pass to AME with no further conditions, and shall be disposed of at the sole discretion of AME.

LIMITS OF LIABILITY: Customer agrees to be solely responsible for all damage and liability arising out of use of the equipment except when resulting from AME'S negligence or defect in the equipment. AME'S liability including for the negligence of AME or a defect in the equipment, shall in no event exceed the purchase price or allowed rental amount for the individual piece of equipment. Customer's remedy is limited to refund of amounts paid or repair or replacement of the equipment.